Co-Creation : Strengths , Limitations and Challenges

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Rehan Ahmed Khan


Co creation is teachers and students taking mutual responsibility
about teaching and learning (Dollinger, Lodge, & Coates, 2018).
As compared to the West, it is a new concept for the students
and teachers in our part of the world. The tradition in medical
colleges in Pakistan has been that the learning and teaching is
teacher driven. The teachers decide the content, teaching and
assessment methodology. No or very little input is taken from
the students. Over the last decade the practice has slowly and
gradually moved in the direction of the student-centered
learning. Many medical schools have started learning activities
such as problem based learning, case-based learning, one
minute preceptor etc., where the responsibility of learning is
shared by the students. However, this change is less of a decision
taken after the feedback of students but more of a part of global
and local changes in the medical education arena.

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