The “Crisis and Concerns: A cross-sectional study on Junior Doctors during COVID-19 pandemic”.

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Ali Awais Malik
Javaria Malik
Faezah Siddiqui


Introduction: Doctors committed to the care of patients are trying to fulfill their duty in a difficult situation, but the consequential impacts of COVID-19 outbreak on Junior Doctors mental health are far too complex.
Objective: The objective of this study was to gain insight into Junior Doctors’levels of concerns during a global pandemic of COVID-19.
Methods: A quantitative cross-sectional study, utilizing a 23-item validated questionnaire was conducted on two hundred and fifty doctors of various disciplines and nationalities working on training and non-training posts.
Results: The response rate was (77 %) and the levels of concern score among Junior doctors during COVID-19 pandemic in the NHS was found to be (41.35±4.9). With regard to gender differences, 32.5% of males and 27.5% females had a moderate concern score of 40 to 47. In regard to safety at work (85%) agreed that they are not safe,(100%) agreed that they are at risk to contract a COVID-19 infection at work and (100%) felt that they will transmit COVID-19 to their families but (95%) agreed that were obliged to take care of patients. In addition, (97.5%) doctors were not confident with the current infection control measures and (77.5%) felt frustrated with poor infection control training offered to them.
Conclusion: Therefore, measures to strengthen personal protection and adequate support to Junior Doctors should be addressed urgently by the Healthcare system.
KEYWORDS: COVID-19, Doctors, PPE, Concerns, Psychological impact.


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Malik, A., Malik, J., & Siddiqui, F. (2022). The “Crisis and Concerns: A cross-sectional study on Junior Doctors during COVID-19 pandemic”. Health Professions Educator Journal, 5(2), 28-33.
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Ali Awais Malik, FCPS medicine Registrar Medicine King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital Jeddah

Medical Registrar at King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah, Saudia Arabia.