The Impostor Phenomenon in medical undergraduates of The University of Lahore

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Tazmeen Kaukab
Sundus Iftikhar


Introduction: The impostor phenomenon is feeling like a fraud or cheat despite the contrary. It is when students doubt their capabilities and fear that they might be exposed as something that they are not. They think their achievements are all due to luck, chance, or other reasons instead of acknowledging them. This results in stress and anxiety among the students which further leads to poor patient care and low self-esteem.
Objective: The objective of this study is to identify students suffering from the Imposter Phenomenon from the University of Lahore MBBS program.
Methods: We used the Clance impostor phenomenon scale for identifying impostor phenomenon in medical undergraduates of the University of Lahore. It was a 20 item anonymous and voluntary survey and I sent the forms online by using Google forms.
Results: A total of 112 out of 500 (22%) students responded, with 99 completing the Clance Impostor Phenomenon Scale with a mean score of 59.0 ±10.45 (Moderate to severe impostor syndrome). This percentage mostly represented 2nd and 3rd-year MBBS.
Conclusion: In conclusion, third and second-year MBBS proves to be the most affected by the imposter phenomenon. The reasons are yet to be found but it could be due to the transition into the clinical phase.

Impostor phenomenon, Medical undergraduates

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Kaukab, T., & Iftikhar, S. (2021). The Impostor Phenomenon in medical undergraduates of The University of Lahore. Health Professions Educator Journal, 4(2), 29-31.