Perception of Students of Master and Supervisors about Online Research Supervision in Medical Education

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Aisha Liaquat
Usman Mahboob


Introduction: People from different specialty backgrounds and experiences join masters program every year. Therefore, they face novel situations and come across new problems as they are not aware of the subject earlier
Objective: To explore the perception of master’s students and supervisors about Online Research Supervision in Medical Education and how things can be improved to make Online Research Supervision more effective.
Methods: A qualitative phenomenological approach was adopted in this study by using homogenous purposive sampling whereby ten students and seven supervisors of Masters in Medical Education were interviewed-semi structured, which were transcribed. The data was analyzed thematically to make themes and subthemes.
Results: The qualitative analysis of semi-structured interviews taken from the students and supervisors generated three broad themes and thirteen subthemes: the advantages of online research supervision to be convenience, availability, cost effectiveness and role of technology while the disadvantages of online research Supervision
to be technological failure and lack of computer skills, strained student supervisor relationship, non-serious attitude and time constraints. The Recommendations for Improvement included students’ attitude, students’ diversity, planning, implementation of policies and technology literacy.
Conclusion: In online mode, a continuous motivational effort is required on the part of the student. Online Supervisors should be vigilant to the educational and experience related differences among the students in Medical Education that can affect understanding and expectations between their students and themselves.

 KEYWORDS: Online Research supervision, master’s supervision, perceptions, effective supervision, Medical Education

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Liaquat, A., & Mahboob, U. (2023). Perception of Students of Master and Supervisors about Online Research Supervision in Medical Education. Health Professions Educator Journal, 6(1).