The Educational Environment at Khawaja Mohammad Safdar medical Collage Sialkot

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Abeer Anjum



Educational environment in any institution is an important concern to debate, as it plays a vital role in governing students’ academic achievement. The objective of my study was to determine students’ perception of educational environment at Khawaja Mohammad Safdar Medical College, Sialkot.


A cross-sectional, descriptive, questionnaire based study was conducted in which undergraduate students of all five years were analysed.50-item DREEM Questionnaire was used and scoring was based on 5 point likert scale. Data was analyzed by using SPSS v 25.Obtained score were expressed as mean ±SD.


Total mean score is 114/200 (57%) which is more positive than negative. Mean score for Students perception of Learning is 28/48, Students perception of Teachers 25/32, Students academic self perception20/28, Perceptions of atmosphere 27/48, and Students social self-perception is 16/28.

There were four problem areas item no.1 (I am encouraged to participate in teaching sessions)(1.78), item no.8(course organizers ridicule their students)(1.42), item no.35(I find experience disappointing)(1.76) and  item no.3(there is a good support system for students who get stressed)(1.25) all with means ≤2.


The over-all educational environment was more positive than negative, however there are few problematic areas that needs to be further explored and measures taken to make the environment more favorable for learning.

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