A Realist Review: Impact of Interactive Lecturing Workshop as an act of Faculty Development Program on lecturing skills of faculty members.

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Khadijah Mukhtar
Mahwish Arooj
Kinza Aslam


Background:Health care providers and medical teacher been provided by the teaching methodologies to improve their teaching effectiveness. Many studies reflect interventions on faculty development program. Interactive lecturing workshop as a part of faculty development program also been evaluated.

Objective: The main objective of this paper is synthesis of evidence of review question ‘What is the impact of interactive lecturing workshop as an act of FDP on improving lecturing skills of the teachers?’

Methods: We search for the articles from four main databases i.e. ERIC, PubMed, Google scholar and PsycINFO. Key word we used for this purpose is Faculty Development Program, Interactive Lecturing, Impact of interactive lecturing workshops. This article focuses on the improvement of faculty lecturing skills. By applying inclusion and exclusion criteria seven articles have been selected for the review purpose.

Results: Most of the studies shows that any intervention regarding interactive lecturing workshop has positive impact on faculty members’ lecturing skills.

Conclusion: Interactive lecturing workshops met the demand of faculty development process. This activity highly appreciated by the participants and these workshops has positive effect on faculty members as well as student enjoy more in the environment of interactive lecturing. But its effectiveness on organizational level need to be evaluated.

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Realist Review