Survey of human factors and patient safety in operation theatres of a peripheral teaching hospital

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Sajid Aziz
Rehan Ahmed Khan
Gohar Wajid



BACKGROUND:  Non-technical skills are directly related to safe surgical performance. The pathophysiology of this relation is not clear. The attitudes of surgical teams towards nontechnical skills may allow educationists to elaborate on this relationship and will further help in development of training and assessment programs.


OBJECTIVE: To know the attitudes towards non-technical skills in operation theatre among surgical and allied postgraduate trainees of Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Teaching hospital (ABSTH), Gujrat, Pakistan.


METHODS: Descriptive cross sectional survey. Thirty post graduate trainees working in ABSTH theatres completed the Operating Room Management Attitudes Questionnaire (ORMAQ).


RESULTS: Post graduate trainees have positive views on all aspects of ORMAQ survey except on procedural compliance and error disclosure indicating discrepancies in implementation and awareness.


CONCLUSIONS: The results are on the large part aligned with previous ORMAQ surveys of surgical teams in other countries. The differences emphasize potential threat to the patient safety due to sketchy systematic working and cultural norms. The findings support implementation of protocols and guidelines through the use of team interventions and human factor training. Finally, this survey helps in data collection for a hospital’s quality assurance programme.

Keywords: Non-technical skills, ORMAQ, patient safety, surgery, human factors

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Aziz, S., Khan, R., & Wajid, G. (2019). Survey of human factors and patient safety in operation theatres of a peripheral teaching hospital. Health Professions Educator Journal, 2(1), 26-32.