Challenges in faculty development in private medical colleges

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Qundeel Zahra
Usman Mahboob
Fatima Aslam




Faculty development is the basic pillar in success of building and dynamic functioning of a medical college aiming to produce pre-eminent medical graduates and to provide most advanced and state-of-the- art health care facilities. It is designed to equip and educate medical teachers about their roles and responsibilities.

The challenges faced by the private medical colleges are lack of awareness about the subject, meagerness of human and financial resources. There is also resistance to change and aversion to acceptance of the innovations and strategies that must be used in teaching of medical graduates.

Objectives: The aim of our research project was to explore the challenges faced by the private medical colleges in their faculty development programs.

Methods: We included in our study the medical educationists who are responsible for or concerned with the faculty development programs in private sector. Telephonic interviews were organized and recorded for an average of 15 to 20 minutes. Thematic analysis was done on the transcript of the interviews.

Results: From these interviews seven main themes were identified. Most of the respondents put emphasis on lack of human and financial resources, resistance from senior faculty members and top management, working methodology, lack of encouragement, appreciation and incentives, majority of faculty members lack in foreign exposure and experience.

Conclusion: Faculty and administration of the private medical colleges require to understand the importance of faculty development and the role of independent and fully equipped department of medical education. Owners of the private medical colleges should be encouraged towards investing in this specialty as this will further improve the quality and standard of their institution. Also the regulatory bodies should play their role in implementing and conducting faculty development programs.


Key words: faculty development, private medical colleges, challenges, medical graduates, human and financial resources

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