Perception of Surgical Residents about Learning in Operation Theatres at CHICH Using STEEM

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Nabila Talat
Ahsan Sethi
Bilal Mirza
Muhammad Kamran
Asif Sandhu
Naeem Liaqat
Amna Ahsan
Saira Fayyaz
Nasir Mahmood




Educational environment or learning environment is a context in which teaching, training and grooming of post graduate residents occurs. Surgical specialty as a whole and operating rooms in particular are very important in terms teaching and training. Perception of residents as to this learning environment is quite vital to their learning and should be assessed objectively to identify weak and strong areas of the environment. The Surgical Theatre Educational Environment Measures (STEEM) questionnaire is an instrument that can be used to assess perception of residents about learning environment in operation theatre.


To evaluate the perception of surgical post-graduate residents about their learning environment in operating rooms and compare this perception among different strata of residents as to age, gender, and year of residency.


This cross-sectional study was conducted at The Children’s Hospital & The Institute of Child Health Lahore. STEEM questionnaire was used to check the perceptions of educational environment in surgical theatres. This study was carried out from July 2019 to September 2019. A total of 62 surgical residents were given printed questionnaire after informed consent. The data was analyzed through SPSS V24 and descriptive and inferential analyses performed.



Out of 62 surgical residents, 61 responded (Response rate 98.3%). Mean age of residents was 29.27 years (±2.37); 45 residents were male whereas 16 were females (2.8:1). Majority of residents were from 3rd (34.4%) and 4th (21.3%) year of their residency. The total mean score was 147.66 (±18.57). No difference in mean scores were found as to age and sex of participants; whereas, responses were statistically more positive for residents in their first year or fifth year of their residency. Overall 53 residents gave favorable/positive response. 


Overall residents had good perception about their training and supervisors, learning opportunities in operation theatre, atmosphere in operation theatre, and supervision being provided to them.  

Key words

STEEM, Surgical, Perception, Surgical residents, Learning environment, Operation theatre learning.

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